The Harassment of Green Party Women Continues

We reported in our last email that Zoe Hatch, the Co Chair of Green Party Women, has been suspended from the Green Party.

Attempts to Stop the Meeting with Green Women’s Declaration

Following on from this, Chesca Walton the other Co Chair of Green Party Women (who was not suspended despite ripping down the Green Women’s Declaration banner at conference), sent out an email to members stating that attending the meeting scheduled for October 26th between Green Party Women and signatories of the Green Women’s Declaration ‘may pose a risk to members’.

She did not specify what this risk was; whether there was a risk that attendees might be targeted by Chesca and the Green Party Regional Council (GPRC) for future complaints, for example.

The purpose of the email was to dissuade members from attending the meeting. GPRC did not have the ability to close down the meeting altogether, we think this is because it would have been unlawful to do so. Instead they declared that it could no longer be held as a Green Party meeting and the GPRC Co Chair sent out a similar email warning that attending the meeting may be ‘unsafe’.

Removing Green Party Women Email Access

In a deliberate move to stymie the Green Party Women committee, Chesca then arranged to have the email access removed from other committee members, thereby making it impossible for the committee to access the questions sent in by members prior to the GWD meeting.

Despite the efforts to prevent the meeting going ahead, supporters of the Green Women’s Declaration were able to jump in and host the event in their name instead. We are pleased to report it went ahead as planned.

Because the event was no longer hosted under the Green Party banner, suspended and expelled members were also able to attend. Zoe Hatch chaired the meeting, Alison Teal (currently suspended) and Emma Bateman (expelled) were also there, and Emma participated in the Q and A session.
162 people attended, and the feedback was very positive.

The gender ideologues have been attempting to shut down Green Party Women for several years. They have applied a strategy of claiming to be unsafe, bullied and victimised, refusing to engage with Gender Critical members, and submitting a constant stream of complaints against Gender Critical committee members, particularly targeting the Co Chairs.
GPEX Target Green Party Women

Green Party members voted for a majority of Gender Critical committee members, and the committee were doing their best to carry on running events, meetings and clubs despite the obstruction by the minority, however it seems that GPEX are now trying to shut down Green Party Women altogether.

GPEX have removed permission to send out emails from the committee. They have done this with no due process and no warning. Green Feminists think it is unacceptable to disenfranchise members by closing down the only group in the party attempting to discuss the sex and gender rift and the only group solely focused on furthering the interests of women and girls.

The Ongoing Punishment of Gender Critical Members

In addition to the silencing of Green Party Women by GPRC and GPEX, the continued suspension of Alison Teal and Debbie Fink, and the expulsion of Emma Bateman, grind on.

Alison Teal has been on a no fault suspension for over a year. No fault suspensions are supposed to be prioritised by the Disciplinary Committee, and are only meant to be used when there is an urgent need to protect the party. GPRC have voted on 3 occasions to continue the no fault suspension even though the danger Alison poses to the party has never been articulated.
Emma Bateman has been waiting for 15 weeks for a decision on her appeal against expulsion which was supposed to take 2 weeks. Debbie Fink has been treated appallingly and has waited months on end for a hearing.
It is obvious that the process is the punishment and that members of GPEX and GPRC are deliberately prolonging punitive measures against Gender Critical women.

The Extremists Running The Party

GPRC is run by the most extreme trans activists in the party, 2 of whom are also on the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) which gives them far too much power. They are aided by an Electoral Returns Officer (ERO) who was the instigator of the infamous ‘purge’ motion in 2022 designed to kick Gender Critical members out of the party, and whose conduct in her role as ERO has been highly questionable. It is obvious that they are manipulating Green Party processes to further their goal of silencing any dissent.

It seems that their latest wheeze is to go after Molly Scott Cato, an ex MEP who is the Green Party GPEX external comms officer. Green Feminists understand that a GPRC vote has begun with the aim of recalling Molly. Whilst Molly Scott Cato does not hold gender critical beliefs and has given little or no support to Gender Critical members, she disapproves of the “no debate” stance. The fact that she is being targeted appears to be an extension of the witch hunt against Gender Critical members to include those who are more broadly critical of “no debate”.

Meanwhile it seems that Green Party leaders are seeking advice on trans healthcare policy from a trans identified male pop philosophy YouTube influencer with no medical background.

Green Feminists doubt very much whether the leadership will be looking for alternative viewpoints that might challenge their adherence to gender ideology. Carla and Zack in particular have made it clear that they don’t want Gender Critical members in the Green Party.

The Good News Nuggets

It would be easy to imagine that the Green Party leaders and officers pushing their anti women agenda are having it all their own way. This is not the case and there are some reasons to be cheerful.

The Equality and Diversity GPEX election was won by the moderate candidate, Kefentse Dennis. If you voted, thank you! The margin was very close (12 votes) so every vote counted. Please remember to vote in internal elections, these seats really matter to the internal democracy of the party. Nefarious actors in the party rely on a low turn out as a way of seizing power and we need ordinary members to do all they can to counter this insidious entryism.

Ria and Kelsey, the extreme gender ideology candidates, lost despite being endorsed and promoted by Sian Berry, Amelia Womack and other prominent Green Party gender extremists.

In other internal elections, sensible people have recently won seats on GPRC (though the extremists still hold the majority) and on the disciplinary committee (though again, this committee is still dysfunctional and dominated by extremists). We understand that it is not going to be easy to re-establish Green Party values and practices in these committees and throughout the party but it is vital work, and we wish these members all the best in their new roles.

Green Women’s Declaration

The Green Women’s Declaration continues to grow and has been signed by over 1220 people so far including Sir Jonathon Porritt a founder of the Ecology Party. If you know others who may want to read and sign the declaration please share the link:

Green Party Women

Ordinarily we would post details of upcoming Green Party Women events but as GPEX has shut down the committee there are no forthcoming meetings. At the moment it is unclear how long Mary Clegg the Green Party CEO intends to prevent Green Party Women from functioning, but given that she was responsible for arbitrarily removing the Gender Critical Greens members space and has done nothing to stop the abuse against Gender Critical members, we imagine that she won’t be in a hurry to allow Green Party Women to function. Green Feminists will be sure to keep you posted.

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