Teal – a more sophisticated shade of Green; A Green Women’s Declaration Webinar

Join us this Friday, 21 June at 7pm for a special election broadcast; Alison Teal in conversation with Zoe Hatch from Green Women’s Declaration

True Green, Alison Teal is standing as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate in Sheffield Central. She has been subjected to appalling treatment by the party; a campaign of bullying for her gender critical views, 19 months on ‘No Fault Suspension’ with no justice in sight and finally being replaced as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate via an unconstitutional and underhand last minute manoeuvre by her local party.

Alison was the properly selected candidate and Sheffield Central should have been a target seat. She is a well known, popular, Green campaigner and many local people have rallied to her support.

So what went wrong and why was this utterly bonkers and unjust situation allowed to unravel?

Hear the latest from Alison’s election campaign and get the inside track on how she has been so unfairly treated, as she talks about a return to true Green values in her campaign and how the persecution against Gender Critical voices in the party must stop.

Live on Zoom – Register to attend

Your questions for Alison

Alison will be there to tell us her story and to answer questions from the audience. Are you local to Sheffield? Do you wonder what all the fuss is about? Would you like to hear her views on other Green issues? Send us your questions and we’ll be sure to put them to Alison (time allowing). Email info@greeenwomensdeclaration.uk