Siân Charnley

Dear Green Party

I would be grateful if you could amend the reason for the cancellation of my membership from ‘not paid’ to ‘disregard for the rights of biological women’.

I would have loved to have had the chance in the forthcoming general election to vote for a party which put climate change first and foremost, along of course with social equality and human rights. For a long time you have been the party most aligned to this aspect of Science. Similarly in line with the Science, you did not subscribe to conspiracy theories about Covid vaccinations. Yet you seem to subscribe to the idea that men with fully functioning male bodies can opt to be seen as women merely by deciding to do so. This is anti-Science at its most extreme. Even it were an issue on which polite people could agree to differ, I note that it is the people who wish to retain the rights of biological women, who are at the most at risk of hate from some other party members. It is a scary position to be in. I personally know  women who are afraid to speak out.

I believe that trans women should be respected and have their human rights guaranteed. But it is biological women who have had to fight for their own hard-won rights even during my life-time; and many of these rights relate to the reproductive systems we were born with. Trans women cannot possibly have the same needs and experiences. To give just a few of many  examples:

  • Women have only gained the right to paid maternity leave within my lifetime.
  • Equality of pay with men (at least on paper) has only recently been achieved.
  • A pregnant school-girl when I was a teenager, had the choice of an illegal and dangerous abortion or the societal pressure to give up that child for adoption.

The necessity and desirability of access to women-only spaces is almost universally accepted across the world.

It is imperative that biological women be allowed to organise to further their rights and to ensure that the rights already obtained are not eroded, as they have been in some states of the USA. Sadly and shamefully, women in the Green Party who have signed the moderately worded Women’s Declaration, have in some cases been suspended from positions of responsibility.

I realise that whoever reads this letter will probably be very busy with the forthcoming local elections. But I would be grateful to receive a response which does not fudge the issues.

Best wishes

Siân Charnley