Robbie Spence – Suspended Again

Robbie Spence of Colchester Green Party was placed on temporary No-Fault Suspension (NFS) on 13 March 2024. He had been re-admitted to the party for less than a year following a previous NFS of  two years and two months on a trumped-up charge of transphobia. Since his return, he had been elected to the national Policy Development Committee and Disciplinary Committee.

This time the complaint and the NFS attached to it were due to his blog post about ‘Deep Green Resistance’ as well as some alleged failures to act as expected in his role on Policy Development Committee. His Zoom webinar discussion with Derrick Jensen entitled ‘Deep Green Resistance’ was attended by 120 people. It is on YouTube and has been viewed over 330 times (as at March 2024).

As well as being one of the world’s foremost biocentric environmentalists, Derrick Jensen is also well-known as a biological realist – that is, someone who does not think men can turn into women – so maybe that was all it took for the party to ban him from Policy Fest in the first place and then ban Robbie for speaking about the authoritarian control of the Policy Fest agenda.

In the immortal words of Henry David Thoreau: “In an unjust green party the only place for a just man or woman is on no-fault suspension.”