Lois Davis – Resigned

I’m ashamed of the way our Party has treated Shahrah Ali, Emma Bateman and many others and silenced voices of caution and care on the subject of safeguarding minors and protecting women.

I’m ashamed of our authoritarian intolerance of debate and enquiry and the disrespect shown to a whole group of active, hard-working, members.

I’m ashamed of the extent to which the party has succumbed to toxic divisions and factional power fiddling while planet burns and the country staggers under the worst government in living memory.

I no longer have any faith in the leadership, or conference or any other of our key instruments of governance, to uphold the values I joined the Green Party to promote.  I no longer believe that the ‘party does politics differently’ which is what drew me to the Greens in the first place and I can’t say ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ about the Green Party proudly and earnestly as I used to.  I can no longer even vote for what I believe in with the Greens so sadly I have walked away.