Judy Maciejowska – Resigned from GPRC

Dear Doug and Martha

Martha will know from an informal discussion that I intended to come off the Appeals Sub-Committee at the end of July when the current set of hearings has finished.

However, following considerable thought I’m afraid I have concluded that my time is not being usefully spent on GPRC. I regret that the approach favoured by colleagues for dealing with conflict in the party is not one I can support. I fear it risks bringing the party into disrepute by attempting to marginalise a large number of members with whom most present GPRC colleagues disagree. Furthermore, I have no doubt that the current approach is contrary to the values of compassion, peace, mutual respect and friendship on which the party was founded fifty years ago. It is also contrary to our Philosophical Basis, which applies equally to our internal and personal relationships as it does to our perspective on the global crisis.

PB108 As human beings, we all have the potential to live co-operatively and harmoniously with each other, and with reverence and respect for the complex web of life of which we are a part. Yet it has become increasingly obvious that this potential cannot be realised while basic human needs remain largely unmet.

PB109 By basic needs we mean not only the physiological needs of food, water, air, shelter and sleep, but also psychological needs. These include the need for love, respect, autonomy, security and meaningful activity within our communities.

PB111 The Green Party therefore places both personal and political change at the heart of its response to the ecological crisis and is committed to creating a society in which individuals, through their ability to satisfy their basic needs more fully, are then able better to contribute to future sustainability. This principle is reflected in the radical Green agenda both for changes in values and lifestyles, and for reformed social, economic and political structures.

PB503 We will even work with those who disagree with us where sufficient common ground can be found to do so. …

This prevalent culture of seeking to expel or suspend individuals who may have transgressed, of calling for the closure of special interest groups, of unwillingness to consider another point of view, is not one that I can be any part of. I also believe it brings financial and reputational risk to the Party and to individuals at the heart of these decisions. Therefore, I have informed my region that, with regret I shall leave at the end of July.

I want to add, however, that I have profound respect for the efforts that you have both made recently in attempting to guide us through some difficult territory. In particular Martha, who several years ago helped turn GPRC from a dysfunctional body to one where procedures and roles are clear and transparent. But also Doug, whose experience and professionalism has been so apparent since stepping into the role vacated by Richard.

With warm green wishes
South West Region