Hazel Pegg – Resigned from GPEx

In April 2021 a paper titled ‘Delivering on the Equality Act 2010’ was presented to the Green Party Executive. The following paragraph was on the first page:

“The Equality Act covers how we ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to fulfil their potential. No-one should be discriminated against because they have or are perceived to have a protected characteristic e.g. age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage & civil partnership; pregnancy & maternity; race; religion or belief; sex1; and sexual orientation.”

The protected characteristic of sex was marked by a footnote which read:

“1 “sex-based rights” can be seen as a route of querying and questioning trans people’s rights to exist and access resources. The Green Party has explicitly made clear its approach to these issues through the policy contained at RR530.”

Hazel objected to the footnote and said that she would resign if it remained in the paper. The author of the paper (Mary Clegg CEO) indicated that she was willing for it to be removed.  GPEx voted for the footnote to remain and Hazel resigned.