Suspended, Expelled, Resigned

The Complaints system has been weaponised for use against Gender Critical members of the Green Party of England & Wales. The use of No Fault Suspensions serves to temporarily remove members before the complaint has even been heard. Though ‘temporarily’ can mean up to 2 years!

The system is also being used against those who raise objections to the authoritarian edicts and highlight the corruption of the Governance bodies.

Below is a list of those who have been suspended or expelled after disciplinary procedures and those who have resigned. Some have returned to the party after the complaint has not been upheld, some have returned after winning appeals and some have chosen not to return. Others have resigned from elected posts or from the party itself either because of complaints against them or because they just can’t take any more of the harrassment or corruption of Governance.


2018 – Imogen Makepeace

May 2018 –  Olivia Palmer

July 2020-May 2021 & October 2021-Dec 2023 – Deborah Fink

2021-2023 – Robbie Spence

Claudine Letsae

October 2022 –  Cllr Alison Teal (PPC)

October 2023 – Nathan Williams

October 2023 –  Cllr Zoe Hatch (Co-Chair GPW)

December 2023 – Lucy Watson

December 2023 – Liz Reason (ex Chair GPEx)

January 2024 – Nicola Watson (Co-Chair Green Seniors)

January 2024 – Freda Davis (Co-Chair Green Seniors)

January 2024 Eric Walker (Membership Secretary Green Seniors)


Andy Healy

2021-2023 – Dawn Furness (Co-Chair GPW)

January 2023-November 2023 and Jan 2024 – ?  –  Emma Bateman (Co-Chair GPW)

Resigned from GPEW

July 2020 –  Beatrix Campbell

July 2020 – Dee Searle (GPEx)

March 2021 – Cllr Dom Armstrong

May 2021 –  Andrea Carey Fuller (GPRC)

2022 – Jill Mills

2023 – Lois Davis

Jan 2024 – Caitlin Collins

Resigned from Post

April 2021 – Hazel Pegg (GPEx)

Rebecca Johnson (Peace & Securities Spokesperson)

July 2023 – Judy Maciejowska (GPRC)

October 2023 –  Martha James (Co-Chair GPRC)

January 2024 – John Matthews (GPRC)

February 2024 – Susan Steward (GPRC)

Removed from Post

February 2022 – Shahrar Ali (Policing & Domestic Safety Spokesperson)