Unity Statement from GPEW Leaders


This statement was published on 27th Feb 2024 at https://spaces.greenparty.org.uk/s/gpex/post/post/view?id=12984

Dear Green Party member,

The Green Party exists to gain political office to tackle the interlinked crises our country faces. Central to this is getting a group of Green MPs elected at the next General Election.

To achieve this, we need a united party working together in common aim.

We need a party in which members respect one another’s differences and in which we are all focussed on advancing our strategy and our values. Greens have consistently upheld the right to freedom of thought and freedom of expression. When differences arise within the Party we need to find ways to work together with mutual respect and dignity.

As Green Party members, we agree to support the objects and aims of the Party and it has always been clear we don’t all have to agree with every word of Party policy. We encourage discussion, debate and internal campaigning, and are proud that all members can bring motions to conference to change policy.

And we do this in the context of new case law being made in relation to the rights and responsibilities that underpin our green approach. That’s why we regularly review how we operate and take external advice to make sure our processes are robust and working well.

We therefore welcome the recent court ruling which acknowledges that party members may disagree, campaign internally for and against Party policy, and organise for those who agree with them and against those who do not. However, the courts have made clear that individuals cannot rely on these fundamental party rights to bring discrimination claims against the Party and that members are still bound by our code of conduct and disciplinary processes. And that the Party has a right to select Spokespeople on the basis that they agree with our policies and will communicate them publicly.

As Greens we are immensely proud of our long standing and firm commitment to human rights. And we stand united against this Government’s stoking of divisive culture wars – which have sought to pit people against one another, undermine equal rights and the right to free speech, and drive hatred, whilst making it difficult to explore the nuances and complexities of sensitive topics.

We think a better politics is possible. And as Greens, we are open to working with people with a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds who share in that ambition.

Earlier this month, on the same day it was reported global temperatures had, for the very first time, breached the life-critical 1.5 degrees limit across an entire year, Labour confirmed they are scrapping their pledge to invest £28 billion in the green economy and rowing back on their climate promises.

The case for more Greens MPs has never been so urgent.

So thank you for standing with us and, in this General Election year, for helping us ensure our Party is united behind winning a fairer, greener country.

Adrian Ramsay, Co-Leader

Anthony Slaughter, Wales Leader

Carla Denyer, Co-Leader

Caroline Lucas, Member of Parliament

Jenny Jones, Baroness

Natalie Bennet, Baroness

Zack Polanski, Deputy Leader