The “Purge” Motion

GPEW motion to purge Womens Declaration signatories March 2022

A late motion was submitted to GPEW Conference in March 2022. It called for all signatories to the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights (DoWSBR) at to be expelled from GPEW.

Strictly speaking it called for them to be ‘suspended from the party permanently’, which was effectively the same thing until the word ‘permanently’ was ruled out of order by Standing Orders Committee (SOC) before Conference began.

As originally drafted and co-proposed by 105 GPEW members, the motion called on Conference to: ‘Instruct GPRC to suspend all signatories to the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights’. This section, like the word ‘permanently’, was ruled out of order by SOC before Conference began.

What remained for Conference to decide was as follows:

Add to Code of Conduct: “Members should under no circumstances sign or have signed public declarations calling for the explicit removal of LGBTQIA+ rights, as enshrined in the Equality Act 2010 (under “gender identity”[sic] and “sexual orientation”), in particular the WHRC declaration/Women’s Declaration International. Those members who do or have done so should be suspended from the party permanently.”

Note the typical misreading of the protected characteristics which are listed in the Equality Act 2010. The misreading is no doubt based on guidance from Stonewall, to which GPEW was signed up as a client or champion at the time, and still is. The Equality Act 2010 does not protect ‘gender identity’, it protects ‘gender reassignment’.

Note that various names were on the Declaration, including that of Caroline Lucas. When questioned, Lucas (and some other members whose names were on the Declaration) said they had not signed. Therefore there was no proof that any of the signatories were genuine.
The Motion was ruled out of order during discussion of the SOC report, which is always item 1 on the Conference agenda.

It was signed by 105 GPEW members, as follows:

Aaran Mitch
AC Baker
Adi Daly-Gourdialsing
Adrian Brian Thompson
Alex Armitage
Alexander Catt
Alexander Sallons
Alexandra Burton
Andrea Grainger
Andrew Guy
Ani Stafford-Townsend
Astrid Johnson
Barry Jonson
Barry Parsons
Ben Samuel
Benali Hamdache
Benjamin Beeler
Benjamin Williamson
Bethany Payne
Billy Wassell
Cade Hatton
Charlie Keller
Chloe Goldsmith
Chris Brooks
Christopher Ogden
Christopher Waller
Connie Muir
Dan Kittmer
Dan Kyle
Daniel Laycock
Daryl Hodge
Dave O’Leary
David Shield
David Teasdale
Dylan Lewis-Creser
Elise Benjamin
Ella Wrendenfors
Ellie Crane
Elliot Corner
Emma Edwards
Emma Garnett
Emmanuel Valentine
Eve Allsop
Frank Earp
Gary Kelly
Gary Pendlebury
Glena Rodriguez
Helen Hitchcock
Jake Welsh
Jamie Coombes
Jane Lithgow
Jenny Vernon
Joe Lever
Joshua Morris-Blake
Kahina Bouhassane
Kate Anderson
Kathryn Bristow
Katie Fenn
Kelsey Trevett
Kevin Robinson
Lily Fitzgibbon
Mandi Rossi
Martin Farley
Martyn Madeley
Martin Osborne
Meg Shepherd-Foster
Melanie Earp (Horrocks)
Michael Dunn
Mirka Virtanen
Natalia Kubica
Nate Higgins
Nicholas Birman-Vince
Nick Weeks
Owain Sutton
Patrick McAllister
Pete Jonson
Peter Price
Phil Di Palma
Phil Vabulas
Philippa Fleming
Phoebe Connell
Ria Patel
Richard Firth
Rob Bryher
Robert Crowston
Robin Brabham
Rosemary Sexton
Rosemary Warrington
Sally Newey
Scott Robinson
Sebastian Cousins
Simon Baren
Stefan Liberadzki
Steph Powell
Stephanie Dunn
Stephen Caldwell
Stuart Middleton
Suzanne Hunt
Teresa Ravenshaw
Thomas Kiley
Tim Knight
TJ Bacon
TJ Milburn
Vinnie Wainwright
Violet Revelle