GWD Statement in Support of The Cass Report

This week the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) published their Manifesto for the General Election on 4 July 2024.

MANIFESTO: The Green Party public statement claims:

“Voting Green on 4th July is your way of showing you believe a fairer, greener world is possible – and is worth fighting for.”

However, women within the Green Party know both the leadership and governance have failed to safeguard children – they’ve failed to support the findings of the Cass Report whilst simultaneously disparaging members raising concerns about the use of puberty blockers in children and who ask for more research on why there has been an exponential rise in the number of children being referred to gender clinics.

CASS REPORTThe final version of the Cass Report was published 66 days ago on 10 April 2024. Many organisations immediately endorsed the Cass Report, recognising it as a world-leading comprehensive review of the research into NHS gender identity services

Many organisations acknowledged the report’s conclusions – that NHS policy on Gender identity treatment has been built upon “remarkably shaky evidence”.The report heralds a seismic shift in the approach to Gender Identity Healthcare for children and vindicates Gender-Critical Feminists who have been advocating for greater caution on this issue.

On 16 April 2024, the Green Party posted a statement on the Cass Review but removed it from their website after only two hours. The full story is here.

The Party has failed to respond to concerned members asking why this sensible statement on Cass was removed. In light of the pressing need to ensure the safety and well-being of our children, it is imperative that we, as a community and a progressive Political Party, endorse the actionable recommendations of the Report.

GPEW SPRING ‘PolicyFest’: On the evening of Tuesday 11 June 2024, former GPEW Deputy Leader Dr. Shahrar Ali presented his ‘Policy statement on Cass Report’ at the GPEW national PolicyFest. Following the robust discussion of the Cass Report in that session, (which GPEW members can view through the members’ website) GWD urges the Party to make a new formal statement of response to the Cass Report.

GWD were saddened, but not surprised, that a discussion on the Cass Report and the implications it might have for Green Party policy was used as an opportunity for some to spread erroneous statements about both the competence of Dr Hilary Cass and the methodology of her report.

Those trying to “follow the science” received thinly veiled threats suggesting their comments broke the party’s code of conduct, leaving them vulnerable to complaints. Party policy should be updated in the light of new evidence, and it is shameful that some members are so blind to the potential harms of affirmative care highlighted in the Cass Report.

Young People are turning to the Green Party, they trust us with the science on climate change, and the slogan of ‘Real Hope for the Future’ is attractive. They need to be able to  trust us to protect their rights but the Green Party is creating confusion by putting gender identity above sex-based rights.

SAFEGUARDING FAILURES: The Cass Report’s findings highlight the inconsistencies and inadequacies in existing safeguarding protocols across various institutions. The report provides a clear roadmap for improving Green Party policies, training, and multi-agency collaboration to protect children more effectively. The recommendations outlined in the report emphasise the need for standardisation of safeguarding practices, enhanced training for professionals, and increased resource allocation.

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIREDAs members of the Green Party, we hold the principles of justice, equality, and protection of the vulnerable as core values. It is, therefore, our duty to champion the adoption of The Cass Report’s recommendations and advocate for their implementation across all sectors involved in the care of children.

We call upon the leadership of the Green Party to:

  1. Publicly Endorse The Cass Report:
    • Publish a formal position statement actively endorsing The Cass Report and its recommended outcomes.
    • Recognise the significance of the report as a foundational document that provides a comprehensive framework for enhancing child safeguarding practices.
  2. Commit to Implementing the Recommendations:
    • Advocate for the standardisation of safeguarding policies across all regions and institutions to ensure consistent protection for all children.
    • Support the development and mandatory implementation of comprehensive training programmes for educators, healthcare providers, and social workers.
    • Promote multi-agency collaboration to create a robust network of protection for children.
    • Ensure adequate funding and resources are allocated to support the implementation of safeguarding measures.
  3. Legislate and Enforce Stricter Safeguarding Standards:
    • Work towards enacting new laws and regulations that reinforce the importance of safeguarding children and hold institutions accountable for lapses in protection.
    • Ensure these legislative measures are enforced consistently across all regions and sectors.
  4. Raise Awareness and Engage the Community:
    • Launch awareness campaigns targeting parents, guardians, and communities to foster a collective responsibility in safeguarding children.
    • Share success stories and best practices from regions that have successfully implemented the report’s recommendations.

By adopting The Cass Report and actively working towards its implementation, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for all children. It is our collective responsibility to ensure their right to protection and healthy development is upheld.

The Green Party must lead by example and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the future of our children.


Download the statement as a PDF 2024-06-14 GWD GPEW Manifesto Failures The Cass Report