Statement of Solidarity with Green Seniors

Statement of solidarity with Green Seniors Nicola Watson, Freda Davis & Eric Walker, and endorsement of the Open Letter to the Leadership by Mandy Vere.

“Thank you to Mandy for articulating what we are thinking. We too stand in solidarity with long standing Green Party members Eric, Freda and Nicola. We believe the suspension of these Green Seniors is an attack against freedom of speech.”

Hazel Pegg, Glastonbury & Street GP
Zoe Hatch, Chiltern GP (Suspended)
Chris Holt, Lambeth GP
Mariette Labelle, Hounslow GP
Imogen Makepeace, Lewes and District GP
Alison Whalley, Newcastle Upon Tyne GP
Sarah Blenkinsop, Herefordshire GP
Rachel Hardy, Sheffield GP
Sue Williams, Rother GP
Anne Baker, Gwent GP
Peter Garbutt, Sheffield GP
Alison Teal, Sheffield GP (Suspended)
Emma Bateman, Waveney GP
Maire Smith, Cannock Chase GP
Bob, Blyth Valley GP
Zoe Richards, North Somerset GP
Alex Geddis, Bristol GP
Jude English, Bristol GP
Lucy Watson (Suspended)
Elisabeth Bray
Robbie Spence, Colchester GP
Jessica Winkler
Susan Green, Birmingham GP
Sandy Irvine, Newcastle GP
Deborah Fink, Waltham Forest & Redbridge GP.
Dawn Lawrence, Bristol GP
Chit Chong
Elizabeth Mansfield
Linda Oubridge, Salisbury GP
Anna Heyman
Brig Oubridge, Salisbury GP
Beverley Maltby, Tendring GP
Andrea Paterson, Waltham Forest and Redbridge GP
Andi Cornfield, Lambeth GP
Paul Milnes
Dee Searle
Judy Maciejowska, West Devon GP
Jan Clark, Forest of Dean GP
Sue Paskins, Brighton & Hove GP
Siobhan Scanlan, Oxford GP
Nathan Williams, Brent GP (Suspended)
Tina Rothery
Sarah Bond, Waveney GP
Eamonn O’Nolan, Suffolk Coastal GP
Gordon Housley, East Mendip GP
Jane Carruthers, Babergh GP
Dede Liss
David Flint, Enfield GP
John Matthews
Jon Lucas, Bath & NE Somerset
Clive Lord
Cllr Shane Collins
Erwin Schaefer, West Central London GP
Cllr Helen Kay, East Mendip GP
Andrew Sterling
Sara Mai, Shrewsbury & Atcham GP
Jill Raymond, Forest of Dean GP
Ray Cunningham, Brighton and Hove GP
Susan Westlake, Tunbridge Wells GP
lan Mossman, Stroud GP
Dan Jenkinson, Bristol GP
Jenny Jones, Lambeth GP
Gordon Reid Sharp
Anne Johnson, Birmingham GP
Diane Green, Waveney GP
Andrew Cheetham, Newcastle upon Tyne GP
Joseph Lucey, Swale GP
Julie Richardson, Newcastle upon Tyne GP
Shan Oakes
Bill Rigby
Kath Leyland, Blyth Valley GP
Theo Hopkins, Oxford GP
Christopher Walford, South West Wilts GP
Shabanah Fazal
Amanda Stones, South Norfolk GP
Mark James, Sheffield GP
Lydia Vulliamy
Ian McHugh, Sheffield GP
Rosalind Hurley, Calderdale GP
Jessica Goldfinch
Jean Molloy
Dr Wilma Fraser
Sue Wright, Salisbury GP
John Somerville, Lewes GP
Barbara Wyvill, North Norfolk GP
Peter Barnett, Blackwater Valley GP
Abercrombie, Cheshire East GP
John Hopes, Babergh GP
Sarah Figlio Hopes, Barbergh GP
Daniel Potter, Babergh GP
Kerryann Lund, Ulverston GP
Penny Remfry, North Tyneside Green Party
Annie Neligan, Craven and Ripon GP
Jaye Nolan, Medway GP
Dinah Morgan
Chris Millman, Bristol GP
Julia Wakelam, West Suffolk GP
Hilary Fender, Amber Valley GP
Marilyn Stone, Medway GP
Mary MacCallum Sullivan
Alan Mossman, Stroud District GP
Sue Boulding, North Shropshire GP
Cathy Wattebot, Coventry GP

If you would like to add your signature please email with your name and Local Party.


6 thoughts on “Statement of Solidarity with Green Seniors”

  1. Nothing about Green parties surprises me now. They are not fit to be a political party
    Scottish as well as English and Welsh

  2. This is courage calling to courage. Its great to see so much support.
    This is about free speech.
    If we had acted to prevent the discussion we would have broken the law. ie. The Equality Act. That tells you a lot about current party rules.

  3. The current Green Party policy of “Trans rights trump everyone else’s” is unworkable. It’s undermining the party’s credibility, alienates supporters and is a massive distraction when we should be fighting climate change.
    It’s those who are pushing the Trans agenda that are a threat to the party

  4. Just when we need the Green Party they are acting in a dictatorial manner and suspending members for daring to express opinions.
    Concentrate on the important things FFS.

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