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Green Party Women have been disaffiliated from the Green Party! All meetings & events are cancelled, access to our members’ mailing list is blocked.
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Green Party Women, the special interest group within the Green Party of England and Wales, has been disaffiliated from the party. This means we have been shut down: No access to our email base, no seat at the table for policy formation, no representation at the highest levels of the party – as we have had up until now. 25k+ Women have been disenfranchised and silenced.

This follows a campaign of harassment and intimidation against women that has tarnished the party for years. Now, with nefarious actors seizing control of party bodies such as our regional council, our standing orders committee and the executive, and with the suspension of our co-chair Zoe Hatch, a coup against women’s interests is in full flow.

​Green Party Women was the last stand against corruption and science denial within the party. Women are life givers and life protectors. Our interests are Green interests. Women are the head, hands and heart of the Green Party. We will not be silenced!

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GWD – GPW Meeting Recording

Green Women’s Declaration Q&A Event with Green Party Women 26/10/23

Why we need the Green Women’s Declaration. Discussing Sex and Gender in the Green Party.

Chaired by Zoe Hatch – Founder of the Green Women’s Declaration and Co-Chair of Green Party Women.

With: Imogen Makepeace, Sara Mai and Emma Bateman.

The Harassment of Green Party Women Continues

We reported in our last email that Zoe Hatch, the Co Chair of Green Party Women, has been suspended from the Green Party.

Attempts to Stop the Meeting with Green Women’s Declaration

Following on from this, Chesca Walton the other Co Chair of Green Party Women (who was not suspended despite ripping down the Green Women’s Declaration banner at conference), sent out an email to members stating that attending the meeting scheduled for October 26th between Green Party Women and signatories of the Green Women’s Declaration ‘may pose a risk to members’.

She did not specify what this risk was; whether there was a risk that attendees might be targeted by Chesca and the Green Party Regional Council (GPRC) for future complaints, for example.

The purpose of the email was to dissuade members from attending the meeting. GPRC did not have the ability to close down the meeting altogether, we think this is because it would have been unlawful to do so. Instead they declared that it could no longer be held as a Green Party meeting and the GPRC Co Chair sent out a similar email warning that attending the meeting may be ‘unsafe’.

Removing Green Party Women Email Access

In a deliberate move to stymie the Green Party Women committee, Chesca then arranged to have the email access removed from other committee members, thereby making it impossible for the committee to access the questions sent in by members prior to the GWD meeting.

Despite the efforts to prevent the meeting going ahead, supporters of the Green Women’s Declaration were able to jump in and host the event in their name instead. We are pleased to report it went ahead as planned.

Because the event was no longer hosted under the Green Party banner, suspended and expelled members were also able to attend. Zoe Hatch chaired the meeting, Alison Teal (currently suspended) and Emma Bateman (expelled) were also there, and Emma participated in the Q and A session.
162 people attended, and the feedback was very positive.

The gender ideologues have been attempting to shut down Green Party Women for several years. They have applied a strategy of claiming to be unsafe, bullied and victimised, refusing to engage with Gender Critical members, and submitting a constant stream of complaints against Gender Critical committee members, particularly targeting the Co Chairs.
GPEX Target Green Party Women

Green Party members voted for a majority of Gender Critical committee members, and the committee were doing their best to carry on running events, meetings and clubs despite the obstruction by the minority, however it seems that GPEX are now trying to shut down Green Party Women altogether.

GPEX have removed permission to send out emails from the committee. They have done this with no due process and no warning. Green Feminists think it is unacceptable to disenfranchise members by closing down the only group in the party attempting to discuss the sex and gender rift and the only group solely focused on furthering the interests of women and girls.

The Ongoing Punishment of Gender Critical Members

In addition to the silencing of Green Party Women by GPRC and GPEX, the continued suspension of Alison Teal and Debbie Fink, and the expulsion of Emma Bateman, grind on.

Alison Teal has been on a no fault suspension for over a year. No fault suspensions are supposed to be prioritised by the Disciplinary Committee, and are only meant to be used when there is an urgent need to protect the party. GPRC have voted on 3 occasions to continue the no fault suspension even though the danger Alison poses to the party has never been articulated.
Emma Bateman has been waiting for 15 weeks for a decision on her appeal against expulsion which was supposed to take 2 weeks. Debbie Fink has been treated appallingly and has waited months on end for a hearing.
It is obvious that the process is the punishment and that members of GPEX and GPRC are deliberately prolonging punitive measures against Gender Critical women.

The Extremists Running The Party

GPRC is run by the most extreme trans activists in the party, 2 of whom are also on the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) which gives them far too much power. They are aided by an Electoral Returns Officer (ERO) who was the instigator of the infamous ‘purge’ motion in 2022 designed to kick Gender Critical members out of the party, and whose conduct in her role as ERO has been highly questionable. It is obvious that they are manipulating Green Party processes to further their goal of silencing any dissent.

It seems that their latest wheeze is to go after Molly Scott Cato, an ex MEP who is the Green Party GPEX external comms officer. Green Feminists understand that a GPRC vote has begun with the aim of recalling Molly. Whilst Molly Scott Cato does not hold gender critical beliefs and has given little or no support to Gender Critical members, she disapproves of the “no debate” stance. The fact that she is being targeted appears to be an extension of the witch hunt against Gender Critical members to include those who are more broadly critical of “no debate”.

Meanwhile it seems that Green Party leaders are seeking advice on trans healthcare policy from a trans identified male pop philosophy YouTube influencer with no medical background.

Green Feminists doubt very much whether the leadership will be looking for alternative viewpoints that might challenge their adherence to gender ideology. Carla and Zack in particular have made it clear that they don’t want Gender Critical members in the Green Party.

The Good News Nuggets

It would be easy to imagine that the Green Party leaders and officers pushing their anti women agenda are having it all their own way. This is not the case and there are some reasons to be cheerful.

The Equality and Diversity GPEX election was won by the moderate candidate, Kefentse Dennis. If you voted, thank you! The margin was very close (12 votes) so every vote counted. Please remember to vote in internal elections, these seats really matter to the internal democracy of the party. Nefarious actors in the party rely on a low turn out as a way of seizing power and we need ordinary members to do all they can to counter this insidious entryism.

Ria and Kelsey, the extreme gender ideology candidates, lost despite being endorsed and promoted by Sian Berry, Amelia Womack and other prominent Green Party gender extremists.

In other internal elections, sensible people have recently won seats on GPRC (though the extremists still hold the majority) and on the disciplinary committee (though again, this committee is still dysfunctional and dominated by extremists). We understand that it is not going to be easy to re-establish Green Party values and practices in these committees and throughout the party but it is vital work, and we wish these members all the best in their new roles.

Green Women’s Declaration

The Green Women’s Declaration continues to grow and has been signed by over 1220 people so far including Sir Jonathon Porritt a founder of the Ecology Party. If you know others who may want to read and sign the declaration please share the link:


Green Party Women

Ordinarily we would post details of upcoming Green Party Women events but as GPEX has shut down the committee there are no forthcoming meetings. At the moment it is unclear how long Mary Clegg the Green Party CEO intends to prevent Green Party Women from functioning, but given that she was responsible for arbitrarily removing the Gender Critical Greens members space and has done nothing to stop the abuse against Gender Critical members, we imagine that she won’t be in a hurry to allow Green Party Women to function. Green Feminists will be sure to keep you posted.

Green Feminists UK is an informal grouping of people in the Green Party of England and Wales and the wider environmental movement, who know that in some situations #sexmatters in the lives of women and girls, and that male needs and desires still dominate in our society and across the world. Join the wider discussion here
Green Feminists Facebook page

This is not an official communication of the Green Party of England and Wales





Green Women’s Declaration meeting – 7pm Thursday 26th Oct

As most members of Green Party Women are now aware, some members of the Green Party created the Green Declaration for Women’s Sex Based Rights which went live in August. Members of the Declaration emailed Green Party Women to ask if we would like to learn more about the Declaration and we had also had correspondence from members.

At a committee meeting, the Green Party Women committee voted in favour of inviting representatives of the Declaration to talk to our members. This meeting was due to be hosted by GPW Co-Chair, Zoe Hatch. However, since then, Zoe has been placed on a NFS (no fault suspension) after a complaint was made about an email which she sent out to our members, informing them of events which had occurred and which affected GPW as a whole and the committee members in particular.

As the recent email by Zoe’s fellow co-chair, Chesca Walton, points out, members of the Green Party who are on NFS are not able to host official Green Party meetings. However, as Chesca also pointed out in her email, we want to make clear that if the Green Women’s Declaration wish to hold their own meeting, that is their choice, and you, as members, have a right to attend.”

I am delighted to announce that the Green Women’s Declaration have agreed to host tonight’s event; they encourage members of Green Party Women to join them and they have asked Zoe Hatch to chair the meeting.

If you have already registered for the event, your existing registration is still valid and the link will work. If you have not registered for the Declaration event but would like to attend, you can register  here.

[UPDATE 13.00]

Joe Hudson-Small (sole remaining co-chair of GPRC) doesn’t seem too keen on encouraging free speech or debate. Quite why he thinks there may be a risk in attending a Zoom meeting is puzzling.

He says:

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Green Party or any constituent part of it should not be encouraging members to attend an event where a member on suspension is known to be hosting the event, as we have the safety of our members to consider.

Members are free to attend the event at their own risk.

Thank you for understanding.

Joe Hudson-Small

London representative to and acting chair of Green Party Regional Council”





Green Party Women under attack-part 3

A Coup Against Green Party Women

Since Zoe was ousted from the party earlier this week by unjust and potentially unlawful means a coup against GC committee members has been enacted. The Gender Critical members of the committee have had their communications channels removed by GPW Co-Chair, Chesca Walton. She has blocked the rest of the committee from accessing the women@greenparty.org.uk email address. This is an unconstitutional overreach of power and has been enacted with the sole purpose of silencing those speaking up for single-sex spaces in the party.

Crucial Access Denied

Following the dubious suspension of Zoe earlier this week, other gender critical committee members were denied access to all GPW communication tools for a crucial period, during which the minority left on committee sent out unagreed and contested communications to all GPW members, and to national party bodies. Access to Slack (the agreed communication channel for committee work) has still not been rolled out to all members of the committee.

Vote of No-Confidence

As a consequence of ongoing hostile actions, we have today held a vote of No-Confidence in Chesca Walton as our co-chair. This vote is carried, with a majority of the current committee in favour.

New Committee Election

A new committee with a fresh mandate from the members is now needed. We are giving notice of a new election for the Green Party Committee to run as soon as possible. We remain in post only to oversee the election of a new committee and our resignations will be effected as soon as new election results have been declared. Constitutionally, the committee cannot function without being quorate. Under the Green Party Women constitution, with only 3 members remaining in post, no further actions can be taken by the remaining committee members, including the Co-Chair.


We have today appointed Sarah Bingham and Kate Souper, our regular EROs, to oversee the election of a new committee. They will be in contact with you in due course to notify you of the election regulations and of the timeline for nominations and voting.

The meeting tomorrow will be going ahead as agreed at a previous committee meeting and will now be hosted by the Green Women’s Declaration

Kind regards,

Sue Williams (GPW Secretary)
On behalf of Sue, Mariette, Siobhan, Jude and Anne of GPW Committee.

In light of the communication issues we have been having, we invite you to contact the committee using our GPW secretary email address: gpwsuewilliams@gmail.com Members need to be aware that the historic email addresses of Green Party Women can no longer be accessed by all members of the committee.

GPW – Is this a Coup?

Today most of the elected members of the Green Party Women (GPW) Committee found themselves unable to access their official communication channel on Slack and the elected Secretary was unable to access her email account. A message on Green Spaces from the remaining Co-Chair of GPW read:

“The Green Party IT Support team are migrating away from top-level email addresses, and have therefore created a Green Party Women sub-domain. Below are the relevant email addresses should you want to contact any of the team.
 co-chairs@greenpartywomen.org.uk – a catch-all for firect contact
 membership@greenpartywomen.org.uk – all membership enquiries
 treasurer@greenpartywomen.org.uk – any finace-related questions”

Note the absence of an email address for the Secretary. No comment on the typos except to observe that they have been noted.

It looks like a minority on the Committee (or just the remaining co-chair?) have taken control of the communication channels with the assistance of the (hopefully unaware of what they were facilitating) IT bods at GPEW.

Those of us who voted for other members of the GPW Committee are not going to quietly accept their exclusion from official channels.

[UPDATE 25/10/23] The GPW Secretary has now been provided with a new email account for future use but has no access to saved emails. They have all been sent to co-chairs (so Chesca).



Letter from Zoe Hatch (Co-Chair GPW)

I received notification today that Joe Hudson-Small, Melanie Earp and John Macefield have voted to suspend me from the party for the email I sent to you on 13th October titled Green Party Women under attack. These named individuals are the ‘on call’ members of GPRC who are supposed to protect the party from the most egregious threats to its reputation. My alleged offence was to send an email talking about how Green Party Women are under attack. The attack on Green Party Women has now been made more clear than ever before, for that at least we perhaps owe them a debt of gratitude. The fervent behaviour of the zealots within the party who are intent on silencing women are the ones bringing the party into disrepute – and it has got to stop. NOW.

As members are aware I am leading the GPW project to compile a dossier of evidence for the EHRC detailing discrimination and detriment towards women on the basis of their Gender Critical (GC) views. Being put on NFS has the intention of denying me access to any of the benefits of party membership and consequently silencing my voice.

Unlawful behaviour
Members of GPRC have clearly gone rogue and are acting unlawfully here. Instead of looking after the wellbeing of the party, as they are tasked to do, they are instead directly flouting the legal advice given to them by their own solicitors. This advice clearly defines the offence of victimisation as sanctioning or treating someone badly who has whistleblown regarding discrimination. According to the Equality Act 2010 this is against the law.

Legal Advice
You can read the full legal advice from Bates Wells solicitors here. In my view this information should be sent to all members and I urge you now to send it to your local party officers before further wrongdoing occurs. It is not an offence to share legal advice with your colleagues. Indeed, this advice could be the only thing that saves the party from further legal costs, financial ruin and resultant collapse.

GPRC ‘authority’ is not recognised
I have today written to Jon Nott as Chair of GPEX advising him that it is GPRC and the on-calls who are breaking the law. As such, I do not recognise the authority of the so-called No Fault Suspension. I will be remaining in post as GPW Co-Chair and will continue to host meetings and events until the end of my term of office.

GPRC want to bring down Green Party Women
It has been clear for some time that GPRC are keen to close down Green Party Women. In April and June this year GPRC held two emergency meetings to try to have the GC members of GPRC expelled from the party. You can read more about that sorry saga here. It was only the heroic efforts of Martha James and others that prevented this from happening. Now Martha has stepped down as GPRC Co-Chair citing her reason that “GPRC is not working as it should”. Personally I think Martha massively understates the corrupt practices she and others have witnessed. Now she has stepped aside it is becoming clearer for all to see.

In the email I wrote to you last week I said I was taking legal advice, that is because we received yet another email from a large number of people who yet again claimed that we were transphobic for advocating for women’s rights to safety, fairness and dignity on the basis of our sex. They were calling for an EGM to get rid of us.

Organised attack in summary
In total now, there have been 8 complaints made against the GC members of GPW. 5 have come from Chesca Walton, all calling for us to be expelled from the party. GPRC have had at least 2 emergency meetings to try to suspend us, SOC have been asked to rule against us as unconstitutional, SOC facilitated a rogue report going out against us, allowed a defamatory attack against us to go unchecked at the AGM and then prevented us from speaking in our defence at the GPEW conference, all in an effort to publicly humiliate us. Members have been galvanised to engage in a transphobia smear campaign that seeks to shut us down. When we finally speak up about this, after months of what feels like being in a deeply abusive relationship, the party decides to try and silence us to stop YOU the membership from knowing what is going on.

This is, of course, also an attempt to silence the women from the Green Women’s Declaration who will be giving their presentation and Q&A to Green Party Women on Thursday evening – an event which I am scheduled to chair.

I am happy to report to you that I am YOUR Green Party Women Co-Chair. There is nothing that can be done to silence me and my fellow GC members.

The days of bullying and silencing women in this party are behind us. We stand strong and we stand together. We do not recognise the authority of this GPRC NFS and we will continue.

Warmly yours,

Zoe Hatch
Green Party Women Co-Chair.

P.S. There is every chance that this is the last email I will be able to send to you via Action Network. If you would like to be kept up to date with developments in the party PLEASE sign up to the Green Women’s Declaration mailing list linked here. You do not have to be a signatory to join the mailing list and your details will be kept confidential.

Resignation of GPRC Co-Chair

Resignation of former GPRC Co-Chair, Martha James, from GPRC.

I am writing to tender my resignation from GPRC. I had hoped to stay until the end of my term (February 2023), but despite all my hard work and dedication to the body and the party, I don’t now feel this is possible.

It won’t come as a surprise that I feel that GPRC is no longer the body I joined in February 2020. I am concerned that it has become intensely reactive. In my mind, it has moved from a body that is measured in output, to one that leaps to conclusions with very little objectivity.

This is not how GPRC should be, and this change of direction has caused me to ask myself a lot of questions around whether I want to be part of the Regional Council. I fear, as others have also said before resigning from GPRC, that the Quaker principles of consensual decision making and mutual understanding are being eroded.

Following some recent resignations, I have increasingly asked myself how can we assist with the well-being of the party, if GPRC is not working as well as it should. If we can’t model the behaviours we want to see, how can we expect the party to copy them?

In my opinion GPRC need training around Governance issues, and all members need the regional co-ordinators to hold them to account much more than they do currently. I think team coaching could help to develop a GPRC culture which drives forward the work of the party.

I would love to write a list of all those who have helped me during my time on GPRC, but as the complete list would be large, I have to focus on just a few. Special and heartfelt thanks go to Mary, Jon, Adrian and Carla. I would also like to thank Adrian Spurrell, who has been really supportive both as a co-chair and after he left GPRC. Thanks also go to my regional co-chairs Anne and Malcolm, who have been really very kind and supportive. I would also like to thank Sarah Santos and Rositta Priestley, both of whom are very dedicated in their roles in the party, and have been a real support to me, making sure our processes run smoothly.

I am genuinely sorry I am resigning before the end of my term of office, but for all the reasons detailed above, please accept this letter as my resignation from GPRC.

Best wishes