Legal Cases


shahrar-aliShahrar Ali v Green Party of England and Wales – #AliVsGPEW

In February 2022, Shahrar Ali initiated a course of legal action against GPEW following his unjust treatment as the Green Party national spokesperson for Policing and Domestic Safety. Shahrar maintains that he was subjected to a coordinated campaign of discrimination and victimisation because of his gender critical beliefs.
The case will be heard in the Central London County Court at the Royal Courts of Justice on 21st – 25th August. To follow the proceedings on Twitter see Tribunal Tweets

This case is not just about the way that Shahrar has been treated; it is about:

  • The right of women to be able to defend their access to same-sex spaces or provision of services when crucial to their dignity or safety.
  • The right of children to be protected from online prescription of puberty blockers, without medical due diligence, leading to a potential pathway of life-altering drug dependency for life.
  • The right of women to be able to self-organise, or congregate, without fear of intimidation, silencing or cancellation.

Much has been raised through Crowd Justice but Shahrar still needs your help to defend freedom of association, women’s rights and child safeguarding. We know that times are tight right now but if you can afford to give anything, no matter how small, then please click here to donate to Shahrar’s case, Worthy of Respect in a Political Party.


Alison Teal – Suspended

Former Green Party Councillor, Alison Teal, thinks that the Green Party has discriminated against her on the basis of her belief that as a protected characteristic, our sex has material and policy consequences that are valid and important to maintain. She received a complaint against her on 20th October 2022,  from a member who asked for her expulsion from the Green Party less than a month after she had been democratically chosen by 56% of the Sheffield Green Party membership who voted for her to be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central. As a result of the complaint, Alison received notice that she had been placed on a No-Fault Suspension on the 25th October 2022.

The NFS prevented Alison from participating in campaigning or attending Party meetings and she was removed from the Party mailing list.

Alison has been making an effort to resolve the complaint and remove the NFS with the aid of a lawyer.

Despite Alison’s lawyer submitting a detailed response to the Party regarding her NFS and complaint in March 2023, Alison is yet to receive a reply from the Disciplinary Committee to her lawyer’s letters or an invitation to a hearing.

Alison has shown a significant commitment to the Green Party and environmental campaigning most notably for the role she played in the Sheffield Street Tree dispute over several years. She received the Green Party’s Most Impressive Councillor Achievement Award in 2017. The number of Green Party Councillors on Sheffield City Council rose from four to fourteen during her tenure. She represented the Green Party for six years as a councillor and served as a cabinet member of Sheffield City Council in her final year. Alison also stood to be a member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber in May 2019 and was the Sheffield Central Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the General Election in December 2019.

For several years Alison has been subjected to attacks on social media for her gender-critical stance by fellow Green Party members and has had several complaints made against her for holding gender-critical views, however, it was not until she stepped down as a councillor that the complaints resulted in serious action.

Emma Bateman Emma Bateman – Expelled

A former Co-Chair of Green Party Women spoke at Standing for Women in Hyde Park, June 2023 about the latest actions of those who suppress Green Party Women, and how this contrasts with the treatment of equivalent party bodies. Click here to see her speech (watch from about 1 hour 20 minutes).

Emma says “I was expelled from the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) in January [2023] after being accused of a host of misdemeanours stemming from refusing to pretend that people can change sex”. Emma is taking legal action against the party and you can read about her case and her crowd funder here.

Dawn Furness Dawn Furness – Expelled

Another former Co-Chair of Green Party Women is another member with an ongoing legal case against GPEW for discrimination. Dawn says “Climate Change is happening at an unprecedented rate. I devoted 8 years to a political party that expelled me after whistleblowing on safeguarding & Women’s sex-based rights.” You can read about her case and her crowd funder here.