Justice for Green Party Women

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Green Party Women have been disaffiliated from the Green Party! All meetings & events are cancelled, access to our members’ mailing list is blocked.
We are organising!

Green Party Women, the special interest group within the Green Party of England and Wales, has been disaffiliated from the party. This means we have been shut down: No access to our email base, no seat at the table for policy formation, no representation at the highest levels of the party – as we have had up until now. 25k+ Women have been disenfranchised and silenced.

This follows a campaign of harassment and intimidation against women that has tarnished the party for years. Now, with nefarious actors seizing control of party bodies such as our regional council, our standing orders committee and the executive, and with the suspension of our co-chair Zoe Hatch, a coup against women’s interests is in full flow.

​Green Party Women was the last stand against corruption and science denial within the party. Women are life givers and life protectors. Our interests are Green interests. Women are the head, hands and heart of the Green Party. We will not be silenced!

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