Jude English (GPW Co-Chair) Suspended

You may have heard on Social Media that one of the Green Party Women co-chairs, Jude English, has been placed on a NFS (No Fault Suspension).

We can confirm that this is true. Jude is the 4th gender critical co-chair of Green Party Women to be suspended in the last 4 years (following the previous suspension of Dawn Furness, Emma Bateman and Zoe Hatch).

A No Fault Suspension means that at the time of suspension, no fault is assumed or should be inferred. However, an NFS is put in place when GPRC (Regional Council) believes there is a risk to the Party or an individual due to a member’s behaviour

We understand that the complaint referenced Jude’s discussion with renowned feminist lawyer Sarah Phillimore at a recent Green Women’s Declaration webinar and her blog post, A Lesbian Perspective, on the GWD website.