Green Party Women

Many of the battles over identity politics in GPEW are centred around Green Party Women, the official group that represents women in the party. For the past three years the group has been split between Gender Critical members and Gender Ideologists. At present, Gender Critical members are in the majority on the Green Party Women committee, and as such they are targeted relentlessly by Gender Ideologists.

Women who stand up for women’s sex-based rights have been harrassed, suspended & expelled. The latest move being the No Fault Suspension of Zoe Hatch – Co-Chair of GPW. Previous Co-Chairs of GPW – Dawn Furness & Emma Bateman – are taking legal action against GPEW.

In light of the communication issues we have been having, we invite you to contact the committee using our GPW secretary email address: Members need to be aware that the historic email addresses of Green Party Women can no longer be accessed by all members of the committee.

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