Green Party Women under attack-part 3

A Coup Against Green Party Women

Since Zoe was ousted from the party earlier this week by unjust and potentially unlawful means a coup against GC committee members has been enacted. The Gender Critical members of the committee have had their communications channels removed by GPW Co-Chair, Chesca Walton. She has blocked the rest of the committee from accessing the email address. This is an unconstitutional overreach of power and has been enacted with the sole purpose of silencing those speaking up for single-sex spaces in the party.

Crucial Access Denied

Following the dubious suspension of Zoe earlier this week, other gender critical committee members were denied access to all GPW communication tools for a crucial period, during which the minority left on committee sent out unagreed and contested communications to all GPW members, and to national party bodies. Access to Slack (the agreed communication channel for committee work) has still not been rolled out to all members of the committee.

Vote of No-Confidence

As a consequence of ongoing hostile actions, we have today held a vote of No-Confidence in Chesca Walton as our co-chair. This vote is carried, with a majority of the current committee in favour.

New Committee Election

A new committee with a fresh mandate from the members is now needed. We are giving notice of a new election for the Green Party Committee to run as soon as possible. We remain in post only to oversee the election of a new committee and our resignations will be effected as soon as new election results have been declared. Constitutionally, the committee cannot function without being quorate. Under the Green Party Women constitution, with only 3 members remaining in post, no further actions can be taken by the remaining committee members, including the Co-Chair.


We have today appointed Sarah Bingham and Kate Souper, our regular EROs, to oversee the election of a new committee. They will be in contact with you in due course to notify you of the election regulations and of the timeline for nominations and voting.

The meeting tomorrow will be going ahead as agreed at a previous committee meeting and will now be hosted by the Green Women’s Declaration

Kind regards,

Sue Williams (GPW Secretary)
On behalf of Sue, Mariette, Siobhan, Jude and Anne of GPW Committee.

In light of the communication issues we have been having, we invite you to contact the committee using our GPW secretary email address: Members need to be aware that the historic email addresses of Green Party Women can no longer be accessed by all members of the committee.

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