Green Party Statement on the Cass Review

Now you see it, now you don’t!  Yesterday (16/04/24) GPEW published a statement on the Cass Review. It was visible on the website for around an hour then mysteriously disappeared.

Here it is (or was):

The statement can also be seen on here

The Final Report of the Cass Review can be found here

4 thoughts on “Green Party Statement on the Cass Review”

  1. I fully support the considered original response and can’t believe it was removed! I am extremely sad that the real environmental issues are being overshadowed by gender critical bullies in the party. Trans people and those with gender issues deserve good interventions suitable to their age – as it states clearly in the Cass report.

  2. The original statement was fair though not great. Extraordinary to see a statement removed without being replaced by a better one.

  3. What a missed opportunity- here was your chance to begin to loosen the stranglehold that transactivists have over the party with a clear reason.
    does the Green Party actually want people to vote for them?
    look at Scotland
    Green policies need to be rooted in science, evidence, rationality- these are the tools we use to understand the danger the planet is in and what we need to do to address that
    People will not vote for a party that believes people can be ‘born in the wrong body’ and can’t support a call for evidenced based medicine for vulnerable young people

    1. “does the Green Party actually want people to vote for them?”

      That is a question I’ve been asking for years and honestly unless they are unbelievably stupid I think the answer has to be NO.

      The transhumanist movement is fundamentally anti-nature, it amazes me that people who claim to be environmentalists could support it rather than seeing it for what it is, the work of people who think that humans are special, apart from and above nature and that technology is always the answer.

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