GPW – Is this a Coup?

Today most of the elected members of the Green Party Women (GPW) Committee found themselves unable to access their official communication channel on Slack and the elected Secretary was unable to access her email account. A message on Green Spaces from the remaining Co-Chair of GPW read:

“The Green Party IT Support team are migrating away from top-level email addresses, and have therefore created a Green Party Women sub-domain. Below are the relevant email addresses should you want to contact any of the team. – a catch-all for firect contact – all membership enquiries – any finace-related questions”

Note the absence of an email address for the Secretary. No comment on the typos except to observe that they have been noted.

It looks like a minority on the Committee (or just the remaining co-chair?) have taken control of the communication channels with the assistance of the (hopefully unaware of what they were facilitating) IT bods at GPEW.

Those of us who voted for other members of the GPW Committee are not going to quietly accept their exclusion from official channels.

[UPDATE 25/10/23] The GPW Secretary has now been provided with a new email account for future use but has no access to saved emails. They have all been sent to co-chairs (so Chesca).



3 thoughts on “GPW – Is this a Coup?”

  1. I have received an email from Chesca saying that tomorrow’s online meeting about Women’s Declaration is “not official GPW event.” Impossible because it is run by elected GPWs.

    I am hoping that there will be a push to bring Green Party to book at this meeting. Happy to contribute to crowd fund.

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