Resignation of GPRC Co-Chair

Resignation of former GPRC Co-Chair, Martha James, from GPRC.

I am writing to tender my resignation from GPRC. I had hoped to stay until the end of my term (February 2023), but despite all my hard work and dedication to the body and the party, I don’t now feel this is possible.

It won’t come as a surprise that I feel that GPRC is no longer the body I joined in February 2020. I am concerned that it has become intensely reactive. In my mind, it has moved from a body that is measured in output, to one that leaps to conclusions with very little objectivity.

This is not how GPRC should be, and this change of direction has caused me to ask myself a lot of questions around whether I want to be part of the Regional Council. I fear, as others have also said before resigning from GPRC, that the Quaker principles of consensual decision making and mutual understanding are being eroded.

Following some recent resignations, I have increasingly asked myself how can we assist with the well-being of the party, if GPRC is not working as well as it should. If we can’t model the behaviours we want to see, how can we expect the party to copy them?

In my opinion GPRC need training around Governance issues, and all members need the regional co-ordinators to hold them to account much more than they do currently. I think team coaching could help to develop a GPRC culture which drives forward the work of the party.

I would love to write a list of all those who have helped me during my time on GPRC, but as the complete list would be large, I have to focus on just a few. Special and heartfelt thanks go to Mary, Jon, Adrian and Carla. I would also like to thank Adrian Spurrell, who has been really supportive both as a co-chair and after he left GPRC. Thanks also go to my regional co-chairs Anne and Malcolm, who have been really very kind and supportive. I would also like to thank Sarah Santos and Rositta Priestley, both of whom are very dedicated in their roles in the party, and have been a real support to me, making sure our processes run smoothly.

I am genuinely sorry I am resigning before the end of my term of office, but for all the reasons detailed above, please accept this letter as my resignation from GPRC.

Best wishes