Emma Bateman – Expelled Again!

I have been expelled for a third time by the Green Party gender zealots in GPRC. I know there are women hating lurkers who will be cheering at the news that I am out again, but i hope they understand that my lawyer will be cheering even louder as the party keeps handing over chunks of evidence that they are harassing and victimising me because of my gender critical views.

If anyone here is unaware, I was expelled in January 2023, I appealed  in March 2023,  the complaint was sent back to disciplinary committee and heard in May 2023  , i was expelled again, appealed again in July 2023, the complaint was sent back to the disputes complaints referral group and was found to be unreasonable , which would normally mean it should be dismissed according to GPEW guidance , but (uniquely) it wasn’t dismissed, so a new appeals committee strung out making a decision until November when the expulsion was overturned and my membership was reinstated.

Now the extremists who are running the party have overturned that again and expelled me again. I have not been told why other than it has been decided that the appeal  process was not done properly. Appeals decisions are meant to be final, but GPRC have stuck in a new clause to make sure that an appeal will just be heard over and over again until the GPRC  extremists get the decision they want.

Given that it took 13 weeks of their pissing about to make the last decision, the gender zealots will either string it out for another 3 months as a punishment , or they have already decided to expel me again permanently.

So for the same complaint , I have had 2 complaint hearings, 2 appeal hearings, + a re-examination by a different appeals committee, a separate consideration by DCRG,  legal advice from party lawyers and now another appeals committee is going to re examine it  all over again.
This is the process is the punishment.
This is what will come out in court, and the party WILL lose.

Green Women Speak Out

Why we need a Green Women’s Declaration

In this Webinar, three Green Party members speak about their own lives. They address why the protection of single sex spaces for women is important to them; how the eradication of women’s sex-based rights has affected them and their communities and, above all, why the Green Party needs to urgently make the changes necessary to allow for open and respectful debate amongst its membership. Followed by Q&A. In a General Election year, it is vital that Green Party policies and practice address the needs and rights of women.

Chaired by Zoe Hatch with guests Shabanah Fazal, Annie, and Lucy Watson.



Statement of Solidarity with Green Seniors

Statement of solidarity with Green Seniors Nicola Watson, Freda Davis & Eric Walker, and endorsement of the Open Letter to the Leadership by Mandy Vere.

“Thank you to Mandy for articulating what we are thinking. We too stand in solidarity with long standing Green Party members Eric, Freda and Nicola. We believe the suspension of these Green Seniors is an attack against freedom of speech.”

Hazel Pegg, Glastonbury & Street GP
Zoe Hatch, Chiltern GP (Suspended)
Chris Holt, Lambeth GP
Mariette Labelle, Hounslow GP
Imogen Makepeace, Lewes and District GP
Alison Whalley, Newcastle Upon Tyne GP
Sarah Blenkinsop, Herefordshire GP
Rachel Hardy, Sheffield GP
Sue Williams, Rother GP
Anne Baker, Gwent GP
Peter Garbutt, Sheffield GP
Alison Teal, Sheffield GP (Suspended)
Emma Bateman, Waveney GP
Maire Smith, Cannock Chase GP
Bob, Blyth Valley GP
Zoe Richards, North Somerset GP
Alex Geddis, Bristol GP
Jude English, Bristol GP
Lucy Watson (Suspended)
Elisabeth Bray
Robbie Spence, Colchester GP
Jessica Winkler
Susan Green, Birmingham GP
Sandy Irvine, Newcastle GP
Deborah Fink, Waltham Forest & Redbridge GP.
Dawn Lawrence, Bristol GP
Chit Chong
Elizabeth Mansfield
Linda Oubridge, Salisbury GP
Anna Heyman
Brig Oubridge, Salisbury GP
Beverley Maltby, Tendring GP
Andrea Paterson, Waltham Forest and Redbridge GP
Andi Cornfield, Lambeth GP
Paul Milnes
Dee Searle
Judy Maciejowska, West Devon GP
Jan Clark, Forest of Dean GP
Sue Paskins, Brighton & Hove GP
Siobhan Scanlan, Oxford GP
Nathan Williams, Brent GP (Suspended)
Tina Rothery
Sarah Bond, Waveney GP
Eamonn O’Nolan, Suffolk Coastal GP
Gordon Housley, East Mendip GP
Jane Carruthers, Babergh GP
Dede Liss
David Flint, Enfield GP
John Matthews
Jon Lucas, Bath & NE Somerset
Clive Lord
Cllr Shane Collins
Erwin Schaefer, West Central London GP
Cllr Helen Kay, East Mendip GP
Andrew Sterling
Sara Mai, Shrewsbury & Atcham GP
Jill Raymond, Forest of Dean GP
Ray Cunningham, Brighton and Hove GP
Susan Westlake, Tunbridge Wells GP
lan Mossman, Stroud GP
Dan Jenkinson, Bristol GP
Jenny Jones, Lambeth GP
Gordon Reid Sharp
Anne Johnson, Birmingham GP
Diane Green, Waveney GP
Andrew Cheetham, Newcastle upon Tyne GP
Joseph Lucey, Swale GP
Julie Richardson, Newcastle upon Tyne GP
Shan Oakes
Bill Rigby
Kath Leyland, Blyth Valley GP
Theo Hopkins, Oxford GP
Christopher Walford, South West Wilts GP
Shabanah Fazal
Amanda Stones, South Norfolk GP
Mark James, Sheffield GP
Lydia Vulliamy
Ian McHugh, Sheffield GP
Rosalind Hurley, Calderdale GP
Jessica Goldfinch
Jean Molloy
Dr Wilma Fraser
Sue Wright, Salisbury GP
John Somerville, Lewes GP
Barbara Wyvill, North Norfolk GP
Peter Barnett, Blackwater Valley GP
Abercrombie, Cheshire East GP
John Hopes, Babergh GP
Sarah Figlio Hopes, Barbergh GP
Daniel Potter, Babergh GP
Kerryann Lund, Ulverston GP
Penny Remfry, North Tyneside Green Party
Annie Neligan, Craven and Ripon GP
Jaye Nolan, Medway GP
Dinah Morgan
Chris Millman, Bristol GP
Julia Wakelam, West Suffolk GP
Hilary Fender, Amber Valley GP
Marilyn Stone, Medway GP
Mary MacCallum Sullivan
Alan Mossman, Stroud District GP
Sue Boulding, North Shropshire GP
Cathy Wattebot, Coventry GP

If you would like to add your signature please email contact@gcgreens.uk with your name and Local Party.


Open Letter to GPEW Leaders and those in leadership positions

It is difficult to know how to write this letter without using phrases such as “What on earth is going on?” and my mother’s favourite phrase, “Wake up at the back there!” But when multiple WhatsApp groups are on fire until well after midnight using words like ‘trigger-happy’, ‘overreach’, ‘out-of-control’, ‘factional zealots’, plus the inevitable ‘lawyers’, you know all is not well in the presumed genteel world of Green Seniors.

Yesterday evening at the respectable pre-horlicks time of 5pm, Green Seniors held their AGM. 300-odd members had duly received agenda, previous minutes and notice of annual election and 48 members turned up to enjoy an hour’s convivial company. What ensued could only be described as a scene out of Monty Python or at the least a Pagford Parish Council meeting in ‘The Casual Vacancy’, as the appointed ERO, and a last minute stand-in chair attending from his hospital bed, tried valiantly to bring some order to the proceedings. “What on earth could have happened” indeed?

When the eager members finally managed to gain entrance to the zoom, the heroic chair not being entirely au fait with the technology of hosting, we were shocked to learn that the Co-Chairs of Green Seniors, Nicola Watson & Freda Davis, variously described on those pinging WhatsApp messages as stalwarts and grandees of the Party, had been subject to the Party’s now notorious No Fault Suspensions (NFS). Nicola had just returned from a weekend canvassing for Adrian Ramsay in Suffolk. Freda is a veteran of Greenham – if she was unafraid of the might of the US military do you imagine for a minute she will be cowed by ‘overreaching factional zealots’? In addition, quite probably the eldest member of the Party, Eric Walker, Membership Secretary, who celebrates his 99th birthday next month, had similarly fallen on his sword. Anyone who witnessed Eric declining to leave the meeting voluntarily when requested and instead insisting on being ejected, will have been left under no illusion that the ‘factional zealots’ who had brought about this situation have made a very big mistake in targeting these veteran members. The ensuing uproar, albeit conducted in tones of controlled but thunderous outrage (the meeting chat stretched to many pages when saved and analysed later with our horlicks), left us all in no doubt that this attack on the internal democracy of Seniors may well be the last straw which breaks the camel’s back of the corruption which has seemingly now embedded itself in the Party.

The reference to ‘fanatical zealots’ is used advisedly. Witnesses to and victims of the wholesale capture of the Party’s Complaints and Disciplinary system, Regional Council, Standing Orders Committee and the national ERO position *(#hatgate anyone?) can tell you this is no overstatement. Of course, there are numerous honourable members on our governance bodies but they are constantly outnumbered by the said faction, resulting in:

  • Trees hero and PPC, Alison Teal, on a NFS for 16 months
  • Astute and highly-respected Co-Chair of Green Party Women, Zoe Hatch, suspended and GPW closed down
  • Dawn Furness and Emma Bateman, returned after years of suspensions but unable to stand for office and now in determined mode
  • Robbie Spence returned after two years on NFS for a crime which it turned out never existed!
  • The Party’s original whistleblower on the Challenor Affair, Andy Healey, finally expelled after years of persecution
  • Ex-Chair of our esteemed Executive, Liz Reason, now on a four-year suspension
  • And now three stalwart Seniors on NFS – for how long?

Of course no details are known of the alleged crimes and I can hear the cries of ‘we cannot interfere in the complaints system’, and ‘all eyes are on the General Election’. But the media are ready and waiting for internal Party scandals. It is time to recognise the Complaints System is corrupted beyond repair, with requests for NFS from complainants regularly upheld by decision-makers acting on an ideological basis against members they disagree with. There are rumours that the Regional Council is ignoring its own legal advice, and members are increasingly disturbed by the Party’s willingness to sleep-walk into unlawful discrimination. As was posited last night, unless these three septuagenarian, octogenarian and nonagenarian members have turned into latter-day Bonnie and Clydes and embarked on a bank robbing spree, none of us Seniors can see what possible risk they could be to the Party. In our eyes, their only crime has been to champion free speech in the Party, allow open discussion on dozens of subjects including the bete noir of said ‘fanatical faction’, sex and gender.

If anyone amongst the leadership is still in ostrich mode, please be assured the determination to confront discrimination in the Party will never go away. The combined age and experience present last night was in the region of 3000 years. And short of waiting for us all to die off, we can assure the Party that women and men who have spent that many years campaigning for, amongst other causes, the rights of women (‘as a sex’ used to be implicit but now needs to be spelt out) are not about to give up now. Age discrimination has just been added to our grievances.

To be deadly serious, the ‘fanatical zealots’ acting unlawfully to discriminate against members contrary to the Equality Act are on course to bring our beloved Party to its knees, judicially, financially and morally. I now count seven members fully determined to follow in Shahrar Ali’s footsteps in holding the Party to account in the courts if necessary, with the aim not of damaging the Party but of making it the ethical driving force it needs to be.

It is way past time for the Party to end this unlawful discrimination once and for all. For a start:

  • The use of NFS for anything other than criminal acts must be ended
  • Disciplinary Committee and DCRG must be disbanded and all complaints outsourced
  • No members may be allowed to hold multiple seats on governance bodies
  • All in leadership positions must go public with their condemnation of discrimination on the basis of sex and age, within the Party

There are now numerous unofficial groups formed with the intention of holding the Party to account on the issues of sex discrimination and abysmal governance. Efforts are now being combined, meetings are being held across disparate groups. The camel’s back is now groaning with the additional straws.

Other words heard tonight were ‘leadership’ and ‘get a grip’. Now is the time for action.

Best Green wishes

Mandy Vere

Liverpool Green Party

Hatgate: In an internal Party election for multiple roles last year, well-known advocates of gender ideology were listed top for every role. On enquiring of the ERO which randomiser had been used, the astonishing answer was “We kept it classic and drew the names out of a hat. The hat was a 1950s refurbished chestnut brown peach loom felt trilby and the paper was the back of an old agenda paper.” This became the subject of a speech on the Conference floor and subsequently went down in Party lore as #hatgate. Needless to say the ERO uses they/them pronouns.

Statement of solidarity with Green Seniors Nicola Watson, Freda Davis & EricWalker, and endorsement of the Open Letter to the leadership by Mandy Vere.

Green Women Speak Out: Why We Need a Green Women’s Declaration


Monday 22 January 2024

In this Webinar, three Green Party members will speak about their own lives. They will address why the protection of single sex spaces for women is important to them; how the eradication of women’s sex-based rights has affected them and their communities and, above all, why the Green Party needs to urgently make the changes necessary to allow for open and respectful debate amongst its membership. Followed by Q&A. In a General Election year, it is vital that Green Party policies and practice address the needs and rights of women. Please join us to find out more about our views. All welcome!

Email questions in advance to info@greenwomensdeclaration.uk


Shabanah Fazal: “I am an ordinary Green Party member, retired secondary teacher, mother and grandmother. I voted for decades for Labour but became disillusioned with them over the Iraq war. I joined the Green Party for their core environmental purpose; pro-European stance and also because at that time, unlike Labour, a couple of prominent Greens were willing to stand publicly for sex-based rights and respectful debate.”

Lucy Watson: “Former committee member of Green Party Women and Green Party Disability Group. Currently suspended for expressing my opinions, on the Party’s closed internal women’s forum, about Gender Identity Theory being made into law and public policy”

Annie: “I joined the Green Party because I believe that climate change is the most important issue of our time. But the Green Party also needs to help create a fairer society for all, and that ‘all’ should include women.”

Chair: Cllr Zoe Hatch, Green Party Women Co-Chair

Zoom registration:


Watch the GWD Webinar

Watch the Green Women’s Declaration webinar in which women from the Green Party of England and Wales who have been suspended by the party for their Gender Critical views discuss how the process is the punishment in the complaints system. Chaired by Pallavi Devulapalli with guests Dawn Furness, Emma Bateman, Alison Teal and Zoe Hatch, which took place online at 7:30pm on Monday 4th December 2023.


Take Action!

So many of you have already emailed us or spoken out on social media in abject shock and horror in response to the stories you heard during our webinar. Until now, the complaints process has been masked by a veil of secrecy. That means very few members have been able to truly understand the extent of our broken systems and how they are being weaponised to silence Gender Critical voices.

Many of you have also asked how you can help to further our aims to support women speaking out and advocate for women’s issues to be protected in the party.  Here are six ideas:

  1. SPEAK to someone in your local party – many members have no idea about the corruption in the party by the Gender Identity factions. Start small.
  2. Share the Webinar video and this information sheet with friends and colleagues, or on social media. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and we need to shine a light on the corruption and broken processes within the party so we can put a stop to it.
  3. WRITE to your Regional Council member –  see contacts below. Ask them about the consequences of the multiple court cases for discrimination, the real potential of bankruptcy, and the ultimate collapse of the entire Green Party.
  4. Help us build a body of evidence demonstrating harm to the party. We know that people often make public statements on Social Media when they leave the party over this issue, will you help us collect those statements by forwarding them to evidence@greenwomensdeclaration.uk We want to demonstrate that the leadership’s continued silence on this issue only perpetuates harm to the party and to our hardworking members and campaigners.
  5. STAND for a Governance Position – we need sensible Green people in the room to counter extremist ideologues and help to put our party back on track. Multiple positions are available either on an annual or rolling basis. Green Party Executive – (GPEx – Next election Jul 2024), Green Party Regional Council (GPRC – Next election rolling normally 2 years), Disciplinary Committee  (DC – next election rolling dependent upon vacancies), Standing Order Committee (SOC – Next election Oct 2024) Drop us a line and let us know if you are interested in standing at a national level, if you’re curious one of our team can give you more information about what’s involved.
  6. VOLUNTEER to support our campaign. Drop us a line at info@greenwomensdeclaration.uk to let us know you want to help. We’d love to hear from you.

2023-12-04 GWD Webinar The Process is the Punishment – Information Sheet

Green Women’s Declaration webinar: The Process is the Punishment

Monday 4th December 2023  7.30 – 9pm

Register for the event here

Following the Declaration zoom in October when some of the founding members spoke about why the Declaration was created, members of GWD are holding a second panel event.

  • Does the Green Party really do politics differently?
  • Why have so many committed ecofeminists been punished by their own Party?
  • How are women harmed by this process?

At this Green Women’s Declaration webinar, you will be able to listen to the story of 4 women who have been punished by the process. Special guests: Emma Bateman, Dawn Furness, Zoe Hatch and Alison Teal

Email questions in advance to info@greenwomensdeclaration.uk



Launch of Scottish Green Women’s Declaration

Women’s hard won sex-based  rights are being silenced in the Scottish Green Party, according to a group  of women members, ex-members and their supporters.

“There now exists a chilling atmosphere of censure and fear within the Party, which affects not only free speech but free thought,” they state in an open letter – the Scottish Green Women’s Declaration for Sex-based Rights – addressed to the party’s leadership and published on the website www.scottishgreenwomensdeclaration.scot where signatures can be added to the declaration.

“Women’s rights, based on the reality of biological sex, have been eroded within the SGP, as elsewhere in society. We believe the consequences of this are extremely damaging for women and girls,” the Declaration states.

“We are all members or supporters of SGP, or former members who have resigned in frustration, or been forced out of membership, or have been expelled or suspended because of our commitment to the legitimacy of advocating for women’s sex based rights,” says the Declaration.

The Scottish Green Women’s Declaration group is also opening a petition on the ipetitions.com website to gather further signatures of those who support their stand.