Jude English (GPW Co-Chair) Suspended

You may have heard on Social Media that one of the Green Party Women co-chairs, Jude English, has been placed on a NFS (No Fault Suspension).

We can confirm that this is true. Jude is the 4th gender critical co-chair of Green Party Women to be suspended in the last 4 years (following the previous suspension of Dawn Furness, Emma Bateman and Zoe Hatch).

A No Fault Suspension means that at the time of suspension, no fault is assumed or should be inferred. However, an NFS is put in place when GPRC (Regional Council) believes there is a risk to the Party or an individual due to a member’s behaviour

We understand that the complaint referenced Jude’s discussion with renowned feminist lawyer Sarah Phillimore at a recent Green Women’s Declaration webinar and her blog post, A Lesbian Perspective, on the GWD website.

GWD Webinar – Green Party Governance, Policy & Law

Jude English, Co Chair of Green Party Women, in discussion with Sarah Phillimore about the success of recent Gender Critical court cases including Shahrar Ali vs GPEW, and what this means for the Green Party. Sarah is a family law barrister working in child protection law and a co-founder of the campaign group ‘Fair Cop’.

A transcript is available on YouTube

Webinar links Green Party, Governance and Law 26.2.24


Green Party Women election results

The new committee would to thank everyone who voted for them; the hard working EROs, Kate Souper and Sarah Bingham and the staff members who supported them running the election. They are excited to be elected and look forward to the year ahead.

Meet the new committee:
  • Co-Chairs: Jude English and Tina Rothery
  • Secretary: Sue Williams and Kaz Kruzycka
  • Membership Secretary: Hazel Pegg and Jess Goldfinch
  • Treasurer: Anne Baker
  • Non-Portfolios:
  • Linda (Loppy) Oubridge and Sarah Bond
  • Siobhan Scanlan and Rachel Hardy
  • Liz Mansfield and Amanda Stones


Save the Date! – GWD Webinar

The Green Women’s Declaration will be holding our next webinar at 8:00 PM on Monday 26 February with special guest Sarah Phillimore in conversation with Jude English, chaired by Zoe Hatch.

Green Party Governance, Policy & Law: Sarah Phillimore in conversation with Jude English

Sarah is a family law barrister working in child protection law, an author and a co-founder of the campaign group ‘Fair Cop’. Sarah and Jude will be discussing the favourable outcome of cases for Jo Phoenix and Rachel Meade and examining them alongside the recent Shahrar Ali vs GPEW judgment. They will consider how these rulings impact on future legal action that is threatened against The Party for its continued unfair and discriminatory treatment of Gender Critical members.  If you would like to pose a question to Sarah or Jude please email us in advance

Register now at https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIsd-moqzwjHtyLqSl3kXhO4J2m1DbYwpAG



We Won! – Ali v GPEW

The judgement is in on the Shahrar Ali vs GPEW case.

Excerpts from the ruling:

“I find that by removing him as spokesperson in a procedurally unfair way, GPEx discriminated against Dr Ali because of his [gender critical] protected belief contrary to section 101 of the Equality Act.” (Judge Hellman, 250, p. 56)

“Dr Ali’s removal was, in summary, procedurally unfair in that he was dismissed for breaches of the SGCC [Spokespeople Code of Conduct] although GPEx failed to identify, consider, or make findings in relation to any such breaches.” (Judge Hellman, 246, p.56)

“Dr Ali also seeks a declaration that he has been subjected to unlawful discrimination. I grant the declaration sought, although it does not obviate the need for damages.” (Judge Hellman, 274, p.65)

GPEW response

The Chair of the Green Party executive, Jon Nott, said:  

“We are pleased that the court has recognised that a democratic political party has the right to select those who speak for it on the basis that they can and will communicate and support party policy publicly.  

“We welcome the findings in the judgment that members of political parties have ‘fundamental party rights’ which include the right to disagree, to advocate for and against policies and positions adopted or proposed in the party, and to organise for those who agree with them and against those who do not, and that the Equality Act is not intended to interfere with those rights. 

“The party acknowledges that there were procedural shortfalls in how we deselected one of our spokespeople. We apologise for failing in this instance to live up to the standards that both we and the court expect.” 


didlaw response


Emma Bateman – Expelled Again!

I have been expelled for a third time by the Green Party gender zealots in GPRC. I know there are women hating lurkers who will be cheering at the news that I am out again, but i hope they understand that my lawyer will be cheering even louder as the party keeps handing over chunks of evidence that they are harassing and victimising me because of my gender critical views.

If anyone here is unaware, I was expelled in January 2023, I appealed  in March 2023,  the complaint was sent back to disciplinary committee and heard in May 2023  , i was expelled again, appealed again in July 2023, the complaint was sent back to the disputes complaints referral group and was found to be unreasonable , which would normally mean it should be dismissed according to GPEW guidance , but (uniquely) it wasn’t dismissed, so a new appeals committee strung out making a decision until November when the expulsion was overturned and my membership was reinstated.

Now the extremists who are running the party have overturned that again and expelled me again. I have not been told why other than it has been decided that the appeal  process was not done properly. Appeals decisions are meant to be final, but GPRC have stuck in a new clause to make sure that an appeal will just be heard over and over again until the GPRC  extremists get the decision they want.

Given that it took 13 weeks of their pissing about to make the last decision, the gender zealots will either string it out for another 3 months as a punishment , or they have already decided to expel me again permanently.

So for the same complaint , I have had 2 complaint hearings, 2 appeal hearings, + a re-examination by a different appeals committee, a separate consideration by DCRG,  legal advice from party lawyers and now another appeals committee is going to re examine it  all over again.
This is the process is the punishment.
This is what will come out in court, and the party WILL lose.

Green Women Speak Out

Why we need a Green Women’s Declaration

In this Webinar, three Green Party members speak about their own lives. They address why the protection of single sex spaces for women is important to them; how the eradication of women’s sex-based rights has affected them and their communities and, above all, why the Green Party needs to urgently make the changes necessary to allow for open and respectful debate amongst its membership. Followed by Q&A. In a General Election year, it is vital that Green Party policies and practice address the needs and rights of women.

Chaired by Zoe Hatch with guests Shabanah Fazal, Annie, and Lucy Watson.